Bernie is STILL a Politician

Seriously. I don’t know what Bernie Sanders supporters expected. Did they really think he’s was going to shoot himself in the foot last night and go back into primary mode concerning HC. Even before I watched his speech last night I knew that wasn’t going to happen. I also predicted what the crowd reaction would be. I was right on both counts. Sad…

If this continues all I can say is that Trump will get elected. This thought is just to horrible to really think about. Bernie supporters may not be to blame if he does get elected, but they are definitely a broken cog that may help it to happen. Thanks a lot Bernie supporters.

Fuck I’m depressed now.

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Bernie is a Politician…

To everyone who is whining abount Bernie Sanders’s endorsing Hillary I pose the following questions: What did you you expect? Seriously? Did you expect him to rip apart the the Democratic party? He’s a politician. Anyone in their right mind could have seen this coming from a mile away.

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Trump Claims Mexican Planes Coming to Attack!

In what might be the dumbest joke I have ever heard, Donald Trump yesterday pointed out a plane that was flying over one of his rallies. The presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee (reading those words just made me feel a bit sick) claimed the plane could be Mexican and it was “getting ready to attack”. You literally can’t make this stuff up.


It kind of reminded me of this kind of dementia:


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Stick a Fork in Trump or Else

My head is spinning reading the news this morning. I really thought Trump could not get any worse. I really believed that there was no way this idiot could top himself or any of his previous rhetoric. I was wrong. Guys and gals, next time you go out to a bar or night club and you see people drinking and carrying guns, well you should not worry about it. Those people are taking up Trump’s call that people in night clubs should have guns strapped to their waist or ankle. They are there to help you incase the situation gets sticky and lead needs to fly . What a great plan! We all know how responsible people are once they have a couple of drinks. Their reaction time goes up, the are more aware of their surrounding and they think so much more clearly. People who’ve been killed by drunk drivers could attest to that.

I’m sick of this idiot’s bullshit. Seriously, I can’t understand what person still would want to vote for Trump? The GOP is a zombie party. They need to stick a fork in Trump ASAP or they are done. This needs to start from the top.


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Again (sigh…)

Last week I  had to endure the news of a multiple person shooting where I knew someone who was killed. He was at a restraunt, eating and then he was gone. I tried not to think about it much until yesterday’s events in Orlando made me do just that. I was reading about one person’s stupidity and all of a sudden is was like someone punched me. I don’t want to go into details here (for the sake of privacy) of who what when and where, but I will say following from my own perspective:

Christ man?!?! What a fucked up world we live in? My heart is broken reading the stories from Florida. People are the cruelest of dumbasses. Why cause so much pain? Why? Senseless

I tend not to put to much faith in a heaven, but I really, really hope there is hell.

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Sit Down and Listen To Trump Sunday

For anyone out there who has an hour to kill, we ask you to curl up with your loved one in bed and enjoy yesterday’s Trump rally from Moon Twp. Pennsylvania. Highlights include the following:

  1. Claiming that the world has 300 countries in it.
  2. Don King endorses Trump.
  3. Trump claims that he knows better what a misogynist is.
  4. Claims of  Bill O’Reilly being a Liberal.
  5. Trump meanders between Trade, Clinton, Nascar, steel, poll numbers, China, the media, John Mccain, the media, Eisenhower, the primary process, low energy.
  6. Shout outs to Tom Brady
  7. Trump teaches math (arguing that 34% is better than 78%)
  8. Claims that Trump’s comments reformed NATO
  9. etc. etc.


I cleaned my stove not to pay attention entirely. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to listen to this headache for almost an hour. Enjoy.

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I’ve Changed my Mind. Sen. Kirk is just a Naive Simpleton

A few hours back I was wondering whether Senator Mark Kirk was playing politics with his endorsement Trump or whether he was tacitly taking a principled stand or whatever. I can now say it was none of the above. Kirk is just a naive simpleton or an idiot or both. He is also a person who should not be a U.S. Senator.

His official statement concerning why he can’t or won’t endorse Trump reads:

“As the Presidential campaign progressed, I was hoping the rhetoric would tone down and reflect a campaign that was inclusive, thoughtful and principled.While I oppose the Democratic nominee, Donald Trump’s latest statements, in context with past attacks on Hispanics, women and the disabled like me, make it certain that I cannot and will not support my party’s nominee for President regardless of the political impact on my candidacy or the Republican Party.”

Really Senator? Did you really think Trump was going to become more inclusive or run a thoughtful race? Did the Trump Tower Taco Bowl not give you pause? Or the wall? Or the trade war threats? Or how he mocks people or talks about his penis?  We must have been watching two different races unfold. Until today on your bizzaro planet, Trump was a reasonable person on the inside with proposals that just need a little tweaking. Really Senator? Why do you deserve to be reelected when you are clearly out to lunch.


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Senator Kirk takes a stand against Trump or not

Senator Mark Kirk (Illinois-R.) un-rung the bell for Donald Trump yesterday and took back his tacit endorsement of the presumptive nominee . The Sen. had previously stated that he would support the Republican party’s choice for the general election. Well, with a single tweet that endorsement was no more.

Now although I want to say “Wow! Finally someone took a stand!” I won’t. Kirk is cold and calculating as a politician. He knows Trump will lose in Illinois and doesn’t want to hook his cart on to the Trump train.  He’s also in a tight (basically toss-up but leaning Dem.) reelection race race against Ill. Rep. Tammy Duckworth so there is that. Too tell you the truth I would have liked it more if he said that Trump was a buffoonish creep and him ripping on people’s race, ethnicity, or disability is what disqualifies him from the Presidency. Instead he stated that his behaviour is what disqualifies him from receiving his support or the support of the GOP (if he had it his way). The nuclear button and his small fingers are the reason he can’t be president. Really? If you are going to disavow yourself of the your parties nominee then you might as well go big or go home. He should have stated that he would not be voting for Trump come November if he was still nominee, but alas he didn’t. Kirk did, to his credit, state in an off the cuff interview yesterday that Trump is too “racist and bigoted for the party of Lincoln”, but obviously not for the Presidency. For that he only “lacks the correct temperament”.

On a side note: Kirk is wheelchair bound since he had a stroke a few years back. So, I’m kind of dumbfounded that he didn’t state that Trump is disqualified because he picks on wearer individuals like him. Is he asking Trump to open up on him with both barrels  and make fun off him? This would create a gotcha moment of sorts and a justified one at that. After all, making fun of the disabled is not the sort of thing we want from a man who could potentially (but doubtfully) be elected as the next POTUS. Then again,  is this a winning strategy considering all the other stuff that has slipped off Trump’s back? Let’s not forget that Trump mocked reporter Serge Kovaleski in late November 2015 over his disability. The media got in a bit of a tussle over the affair, but this was to no effect really for the campaign.






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Eeny Meeny Miny Moe

Political comentator and founder of The Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol, has decided to cheer up the #nevertrump wing or the Republican party with a wonderful mystery tweet.

Our prediction of what Kristol is on about? Well, if we have Trump and Clinton battling it out, maybe he wants us to unfreeze some more impressive zombies to charge up the middle or the sides as it may be. How about Marco Rubio? He may have not done so well in the primaries, but maybe he could challenge Trump and steal some votes from Clinton. Ok, maybe not. Rand Paul, Rick Santorum or John Kasich? Any of these guys could rangle away votes from Trump. Sadly nope ,nope and nope. Perhaps Kristol wants the GOP to take it really old school? Former VP Dan Quayle? Ah, he endorsed Trump already. Bob Dole? No. Also endorsed Trump and told him to pick Newt as VP. Dick Cheney? Sadly, no (I really wanted this one.)

Kristol did say “independent” so maybe establishment candidates aren’t his thing. Well we have a fine crop of truly independent individuals running to POTUS already this year. How about Rod Silva running under the banner of the Nutrition Party or Pogo Mochello (I have no clue what his page is actually about and it hurts my eyes) running under his own independent male stripper party?

Jeff Boss for the NSA Did 911 party?  (I won’t make fun of this man. He’s mentally ill.)

Vermin Supreme  ,a satirical candidate from New England, might be up his ally. Everyone would get a free pony, time travel would be fully funded and there would be zombie apocalypse prep courses.

Alas, Maybe this is what Kristol really wants.


Or maybe it doesn’t matter what Kristol will say or what he wants. Like it or not, he’s stuck with Trump.

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Charlie Don’t Surf

In a move that must have been in the works for months if not years the United States completely lifted its military trade embargo from the country of Vietnam and further extended its so called ‘Asian Pivot’. The interesting thing about this deal is the history behind it and the fact that the U.S. is selling arms to a regime that it fought against in a horribly bloody war. You may remember Vietnam from the US Vietnam war of the 1960s-70s where millions of Vietnamese and tens of thousand of Americans died and many more where displaced, wounded or went missing.

All the same, lifting the embargo is really is no more than a token gesture from a sales standpoint. Vietnam isn’t exactly the richest country in the world (2.3 billion spent on defence annually according to the world bank) and they’re not about to buy a lot of U.S. hardware for that paltry sum. Most of their current hardware is rusting 1980s Soviet mechanised vehicles and ships, and cheap but newer Russian supplied arms. The Vietnamese will modernise via this deal, but the spending it will be extremely gradual (a few ten’s of millions at most rather than hundreds of million). Meanwhile they will continue spending money with Moscow under the “more is better” principle of arming yourself to the teeth for less and playing both sides off each other.

What the deal really does send a signal to China to stop all incursions into Vietnam’s territorial offshore space lest the United States gets involved. China has installed oil rigs just inside (or outside according to the Chinese) Vietnamese territorial waters. It has also harassed Navy ships and tried to stop Vietnamese fishing boats from entering the area. Vietnam has already purchased five U.S. coast guard fast boats  before the ban was lifted to try to fend of the incursions.We expect that the deal will make even easier for the Vietnamese to purchase struck from the record U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard ships.The U.S. and the lifting of the trade embargo ups the ante. It wouldn’t be a stretch to guess that China and Vietnam will sooner or later come to blows at sea and that the U.S. will have to get involved.

The U.S. already arms most of the world, so why not Vietnam? Arm sales of U.S. manufactured goods to foreign clients topped $46 Billion in 2015. Maybe after sales to Vietnam, Iran is next?  North Koreas and the Islamic State in twenty years? It’s not a far stretch of the imagination.  All kidding aside, the position of the United States is starting to look a lot like what Henry Temple described in 1848 concerning Great Britain. The parliamentarian made it clear the position of the United Kingdom toward other countries was one where  it has “no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow.”

If the United Staes is not there already, then it is certainly on our way.

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